Saved, Single, Female and Without A Home

What I did not want to mention or make known to protect myself, some people already know or knew. Why am I trying to hide it? Why am I trying to keep it a secret?

What I don’t want to talk about may be the very thing that I need to talk about. What makes my story so unique, so different?

I do. My background does. My experiences does.

I never thought that I would be homeless. Not just homeless, but experience  homelessness more than once as a saved, single, female. Who only knew church. I wasn’t brought up in a worldly household. I am paternal grandparents deep in this culture. A preacher’s/Assistant Pastor’s daughter. A close knit family structure. Two parent household. Entire family at some point active and serving within the church. Can you understand the culture clash?

I didn’t know the streets or the world. I was sheltered from both.

My upbringing didn’t say so, the culture that I grew up in didn’t say so, my family life didn’t say so. My associates didn’t say so, my circles didn’t say so.

I could even see or justify if I wasn’t saved or wanted to be in the streets, or wanted to live a street life. There’s nothing out here that I want. If I was unsaved and wanted to be in the streets and live a street life, I wouldn’t have to worry too much about a place to live or being homeless. The world loves it’s own.

I experienced and am experiencing a complete culture clash

Now, I can add, homeless during a world emergency that requires social distancing and self quarantine due to a virus.

Does it mean that God loves me any less, no. Does it mean that I have done something wrong, no. Does it mean that I needed money, no. (I found this out.) I found out via someone else who shared publicly on her Facebook Page or Facebook account, who found out via a Bishop who she did not name, the reason for homelessness. It’s not what we automatically think, finances or financial. It’s much more deeper than money. Broken relationships is the reason for homelessness.

Until Next Time,

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