About EffortlessBeauty™

Your source for Skincare, Haircare, Inspiration, Product Reviews, Health & Beauty, Fashion & Trends, Personal Finance & More!!!

EffortlessBeauty™ started as a tool to inspire, engage, and prospect clients for my then, Independent Avon e-business and to market my handmade knit and crochet products, BridgeKnits™.

Skincare, Hair Care, Health & Beauty, Inspiration, Fashion, Trends, Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship are things that I as well as others personally love and take a genuine interest in amongst other things. Hence,the theme for EffortlessBeauty™.

BUT, it didn’t stop there! 🙂

As time progressed, I eventually stopped selling AVON, and decided to keep my EffortlessBeauty™ Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, & Blog going. Overtime, I eventually phased out the EffortlessBeauty™ Facebook Fan Page, but kept my Twitter & Blog going.

It has since evolved to be a personal reflection and source of inspiration for myself and others to aspire “Effortless Beauty™”.

True beauty radiates from the inside out. – BDW.©

It’s not tied up in the externals, however, the inside will reflect what you see on the outside! 🙂

It’s been a pleasant ride thus far and I’m excited that you have stopped by to see what EffortlessBeauty™ is all about! 🙂

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan Woods says:

    Love this sight! It is so positive and just the wisdom we need in this generation. Keep fighting the good fight Bridget.


    1. Thank you Aunt Jan! To God be the glory! By God’s grace and with His power, I will. 🙂


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