Persistence© Quote

Persistence is writing with a highlighter when you don’t have or can’t find a working pen.©- Bridget Denise Webb #GetItDone #BeDeterminedToGetItDone #BeCreative Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb Please use my full name when quoting or using this quote in a resource. Continue reading Persistence© Quote

Early Days of BridgeKnits™ ©

These are a few scarves that I created in my early days of BridgeKnits™! Each item is 100% handmade. Please check out BridgeKnits™ Photo Blog to view more of my creations! ♥ BridgeKnits™ To contact me regarding BridgeKnits™, email me at Until Next Time, Bridget Denise Webb Follow to receive Effortless Beauty™ posts … Continue reading Early Days of BridgeKnits™ ©


Today, agree to be and to do what God commanded for us to be and to do from the beginning, “Be fruitful and multiply!”  In a revelatory, allegory, applicable tense of His charge-commandment: Be fruitful in good works, whatever the Lord has given you to do and multiply! It has already been spoken by God … Continue reading Today©