$10 For A Hotel Room

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Initative If 10 people give $10 TODAY it will help meet the need of a hotel room stay TODAY! 

If you want to give more than $10 you are welcome to!

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  • If the Lord wills, we shall live, tithes will be paid out of monies received.
  • Hotel Stay – A hotel room is the main goal.
  • If applicable, it includes covering upfront incidental holds (authorization or cash) that are charged by a hotel.
  • If applicable, it includes food.
  • If applicable, when a room stay is obtained and there is extra funds, it will be used towards food.
  • If applicable, it includes rolling funds over to the next day.
  • If applicable, it includes hotel laundry service (i.e. washer and dryer).
  • Sometimes the hotel room rate is higher on some days, sometimes it is lower.
  • The general amount of $100/per day is the goal amount to cover a hotel room stay at a safe, good, hotel.
  • The initative breaks $100 into increments of $10.
  • You are welcome to give more than the amount requested.

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If you don’t have Cash App you can give via PayPal:

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May God continue to bless you exponentially to the GOD Power!

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I Looked At This Cookbook Today

I looked at this cookbook today in the bookstore.

It has some different and interesting recipes in it like Black Eyed Peas Hummus, Sweet Potato Biscuits, different fish recipes and more!

It is a cookbook with recipes from The Sweet Home Cafe located in the National Museum of African American History & Culture! It also has pictures and history of different African Americans in it.

You should definitely check it out!

It is listed $29.95 in the bookstore that I visited today, you can get the hard copy for $18.79 on Amazon!

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases”

I’m in the process of creating my first online mini-course:

Create Healthy, Creative, Delicious Vegetable Dishes From Scratch

No Peas and Carrots. Great Tasting Things!

If you want to learn how to create healthy, creative, delicious, vegetable dishes from scratch, leave your email address!

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Black History: EST. 1880 Oak Bluffs Martha’s Vineyard

Oak Bluffs is a town located on Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts. This island was a popular vacation spot for African American elite also known as Black elite.


Black History Collection

Pictured (Left to Right):

Unisex / Men’s Classic Tee

Women’s Classic Tee

Women’s Classic Tank Top

Women’s Premium Tank Top

Women’s Flowy Tank Top

Kids Premium Tee

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Why I Stopped Using CLINIQUE 3 Step Collection


Founded in 1968, CLINIQUE is an Estēe Lauder Company.

Per Estēe Lauder Companies website,

“CLINIQUE’s mission has always been to provide the safest, most effective formulas in simple routines that bring remarkable results.”

Also per the website,

It is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

My Beginnings With CLINIQUE

1. My mother told me about it. It was something she saw in a magazine or newspaper and she thought that it would be good for me.

2. I also, having an avid interest in skincare, skincare products, beauty products and wanting to have great, beautiful skin, and for my skin to look it’s best, years ago, I tried and started using CLINIQUE Three Step Collection.

At that time, in my young adult years, by the grace of God, I could afford it and the upkeep; maintenance of the product. At least, in my mind and my thinking at that time, I “thought” I could. Now, I have a better understanding of money and value. I did “literally” and “tangibly” have the money to buy it and replenish it when I needed more, it was an investment into my skin and appearance, however, I didn’t have any assets, stock, or long term valuables. But this subject is for another blog and blog post. I have a personal blog about Financial Wealth Management called, Fabulous Finances. Follow to receive posts!

I would purchase CLINIQUE 3 Step Collection from my local, at that time HUDSON’S department store. It is now Macy’s. I still remember the light yellowish big block of facial soap and the sea foam green soap dish – case with the words CLINIQUE across the top of it. I started with the collection for Combination Skin and began switching the toner out for the Combination Oily toner. It became my daily and nightly skin care routine, until I noticed that my skin began to turn dark!

I stopped using it. And I personally, am leary about using it again. It is one of those you know that it did this to your skin, type of thing, therefore you are not going to or don’t want to use it again.

I am African American. I had or have sensitive skin. My skin may have become non sensitive or I just haven’t encountered anything that has irritated it lately.

This is my first hand personal experience with CLINIQUE 3 Step Collection. If you have experienced anything like this, please feel free to share your experience below.

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

What Is Your Life’s Blueprint? – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Video

The full speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to students at Barratt Junior High School on October 26, 1967 in Philadelphia, published to YouTube by Beacon Press. 

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Bridget Denise Webb

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Natural Hair Twists Pinned In A Up Bun©

Twists Pinned In A Up Bun.

Natural Hair Twists Pinned In A Up Bun


Natural Hair Twists In A Up Bun

Natural Hair Twists Pinned In A Up Bun


Natural Hair Twists Pinned In A Up Bun

Natural Hair Twists Pinned In A Up Bun

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