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the quality of being kind and generous.

the quality or fact of being plentiful or large.


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Four Ways To Help With Wearing A Mask

Do you struggle with mask wearing?

Here are 4 ways to help with wearing a mask:

1. Wear a mask that is comfortable. A mask that is soft to touch and breathable.

2. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth completely and comfortably. A mask where you don’t have to touch continuously to adjust it while it’s on your face.

3. Wear a mask that matches your outfit. Wearing a mask that coordinates with your outfit takes the pressure off and removes the drag of having to put one on.

4. Wear a mask that inspires you or makes a statement. A mask that represents your faith, club, business, favorite charity, or that represents you. Think of it as spreading a message or advertising.

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12% Off Birthday Special

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Mother Mug


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Promo Code: BMARIE Mother Mug Birthday Special Promotion ends 12/14/20.

Four Classy & Timeless Nail Polish Colors

A classy manicure with classy nail polish is classy and timeless.

Four classy and timeless nail polish colors are:

The American Manicure

American Manicure:

1. Pink Clear Coat

2. White Nail Polish

These two classy and timeless colors are the American Manicure.

3. Nude

4. Soft Pink (Pink)

All four have their place and give a clean, classy, look.

The American Manicure is based on the concept of the French Manicure, only it requires a pink clear coat as the base instead of the peach clear coat that is used in the French Manicure. It has the white tip just like the French Manicure.

DNDDuo Gel (Gel & Matching Polish Set) Spring Set 441 – Clear Pink is a perfect example of the colors used to create the American Manicure.

Nude polish gives a clean and classy look. It is not overpowering and is noticeable to the observing eye.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Nude-Real

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Nude-Tral

Are great examples of the nude color. Nude-Real is lighter in hue and Nude-Tral is a darker nude hue.

Soft Pink (Pink) speaks for itself. It is a soft, feminine, color and look.

Sally Hansen good. kind. pure. Vegan Nail Polish in Pink Cloud is a great example of a soft pink.

All four are currently available on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Lighten Your Skin Naturally With Lemons

Lemons, yes lemons will lighten your facial skin naturally!

It is a natural and effective way to lighten the color, appearance and tone your facial skin. It is inexpensive and requires your time and discipline to apply the lemons to your face.


On a clean face, still wet from rinsing your skin, take a lemon wedge or two and apply it to your face in a circular motion. Make sure you cover the entire area of your face or at least the areas that you want to lighten. Let it sit for at least a minute. Rinse your face and follow with your moisturizer of choice.

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Beauty Health 101 During COVID19

Eyebrow Threading

In March 2020, I saw people getting their eyebrows threaded in a mall eyebrow thread shop.

Beauty Health 101: Do not get your eyebrows threaded at this time.

Why shouldn’t you get your eyebrows threaded?

Primarily due to the fact that the saliva of the Eyebrow Threader who is threading your eyebrows is used to thread your eyebrows.

What does this mean?

It means that the saliva that is coming from this person is being put on your face, your skin to be exact.

COVID19 is spread via air droplets. Hence, why we are required to cover our nose and mouth with a face cloth mask or a face covering. You don’t know if the person who is threading your eyebrows has COVID19 or has been exposed to COVID19. You don’t know if they are a carrier of COVID19 and they aren’t experiencing symptoms of COVID19.

Further more, how can the eyebrow threader safely wear a mask while standing over you and performing their task? Very close contact is a requirement to have your eyebrows threaded.

Protect yourself and protect others that you come in contact with by not having this procedure done at this time.

There are alternative ways to have your eyebrows done:

  • Professionally done with a razor.
  • Professionally waxed
  • Personal eyebrow razor and brush.
  • Battery Operated Hair Removal

This Eyebrow Set is currently available on Amazon.

This Battery Operated Hair Remover is currently available on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This applies to both women and men. Men have this service done as well. Men use alternative methods to have your eyebrows and beards done. Forgo, the threading process at this time.

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Two items that deliver Christmas essential style as well as show and share your love for Christmas:

Christmas Wreaths Cloth Face Mask

Christmas Wreaths
Christmas Wreaths

Candy Cane Cloth Face Mask

Candy Cane
Candy Cane


100% Polyester Exterior

100% Cotton Lining Interior

One size available. 3.5″h x 7″w laid flat. When the center is expanded it’s 7″ at the widest point.

Offers full nose and mouth coverage. Single sided print. Includes two 6 inch elastic ear loops. Non-medical grade product.

$1 from every mask sale donated to nonprofit to feed children in need.

Share your love for Christmas in essential style today,

Bridget Denise Webb


One of my essentials during the current COVID19 world issue: suja ORGANIC IMMUNITY DEFENSE SHOT WITH TURMERIC & PROBIOTICS.


The suja ORGANIC IMMUNITY Functional Shots come in different varieties with various purposes. Per suja ORGANIC‘s website they have seven varieties.

The IMMUNITY REBOUND and DEFENSE SHOT have become two of my essential health staplers in protecting and boosting my immunity and protecting against COVID19. The one I am highlighting in this article is the IMMUNITY DEFENSE SHOT.

The suja ORGANIC IMMUNITY DEFENSE SHOT WITH TURMERIC & PROBIOTICS is USDA ORGANIC, High Pressure Certified, 2 FL OZ (59mL), has Live Probiotics to support immune health, it also contains Turmeric and Echinacea.

It’s ingredients are: Organic Coconut Water, Organic Pineapple Juice, Organic Ginger Juice, Organic Turmeric Juice, Organic Echinacea Tea (Purified Water, Organic Echinacea Extract), Organic Orange Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Acerola Cherry Extract, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086, Organic Ground Black Pepper.

It is created and made by SUJALIFE, LLC Oceanside, CA 92056 – CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY CCOF.

It ranges in price from $1.99 to $2.99 between two grocery store chains: Walmart and Kroger. It can be purchased online directly from suja ORGANIC. Amazon currently has it available in:

Pack of 20:

Packs of 30, 60 and 90. Click the image above and it will take you directly to the Amazon website listing or if you are interested in the other size packs, click on the pack number and it will take you directly to the listing for that number. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This is a product that I personally use and recommend in order to protect and boost immunity and to prevent COVID19 during this time. Also, please remember to wear a face cloth mask or a facial covering and to practice social distancing.

Bridget Denise Webb Face Cloth Masks is helping meet the supply and demand of required and mandatory face masks, face covering and essential style! Order yours today!

Christmas Wreaths

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Mann’s Nourish Bowls

I noticed Mann’s Nourish Bowls in Kroger. It is a warm meal that requires four minutes in the microwave. I purchased two different flavors:

Southwest Chipotle

WIN_20200226_08_27_28_Pro (2)












Fresh Veggie Noodles Spicy Thai

WIN_20200226_08_27_01_Pro (2)

I really enjoyed the Southwest Chipotle. The vegetables, salsa, and cheese was so delicious and filling. It consist of Cauliflower, Kale, Kohlrabi, Sweet Potatoes, Black Bean with Chipotle Corn Salsa and Shredded Cheddar Cheese. The Fresh Veggie Noodles Spicy Thai includes:  Kohlrabi Noodles, Kale, Carrots, Spicy Thai Sauce and Toasted Coconut.

Kroger is one of the best places to find deals on fresh produce. I have found this to be true in two different cities and two different townships. They do Woohoo! Deals also known as Manager Specials on different items and if you can catch them at the right time you can really clean up.

If you aree interested in learning how to create healthy, creative, delicious vegetable dishes from scratch, not peas and carrots. Great tasting things, send me your email address at:

Bridget Denise Webb