Isolation Breeds Mental Illness©

Tuesday, as I was walking en route to the bookstore, I asked God to assist me with enduring the walk and I referenced something in particular. Immediately after saying that to him, I heard,

“Isolation breeds mental illness.”


He was telling me something in reference to what I had communicated.

We were not made for isolation.

Get into community. Get into the company of others.

God said that it was not good that man should be alone. That statement alone proves our need as humans for others. God created woman, that began companionship, which led to them producing children, which entails humanity.

We were made for community; others each other.

No isolation.   – Bridget Denise Webb


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Bridget Denise Webb

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Today’s Inspirational Quote©

Don’t despise the times when you find yourself alone.

“If you can enjoy being alone with yourself, you won’t have any problems being the company of someone else!”© – BDW 🙂

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