$10 For A Hotel Room

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Initative If 10 people give $10 TODAY it will help meet the need of a hotel room stay TODAY! 

If you want to give more than $10 you are welcome to!

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  • If the Lord wills, we shall live, tithes will be paid out of monies received.
  • Hotel Stay – A hotel room is the main goal.
  • If applicable, it includes covering upfront incidental holds (authorization or cash) that are charged by a hotel.
  • If applicable, it includes food.
  • If applicable, when a room stay is obtained and there is extra funds, it will be used towards food.
  • If applicable, it includes rolling funds over to the next day.
  • If applicable, it includes hotel laundry service (i.e. washer and dryer).
  • Sometimes the hotel room rate is higher on some days, sometimes it is lower.
  • The general amount of $100/per day is the goal amount to cover a hotel room stay at a safe, good, hotel.
  • The initative breaks $100 into increments of $10.
  • You are welcome to give more than the amount requested.

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If you don’t have Cash App you can give via PayPal:

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May God continue to bless you exponentially to the GOD Power!

Bridget Denise Webb


I’m in a hotel for a week! I checked in a few days ago.

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#SavedSingleFemaleAndHomeless during #COVID19 #Corona

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Help Me Attend Cosmetology School! :)

I re-enrolled into Cosmetology School at Regency Beauty Institute.  My classes are scheduled to start on August 17, 2015 but before I can attend I have to have my tuition (out-of-pocket) monthly payments covered.

The the total monthly (out-of-pocket) payment is: $7469.50. This has to be paid in 8 monthly payments with the first payment being due the day I start class.

When graduating from high school I wanted to go to Cosmetology School. My father informed me that I couldn’t make any money in the Cosmetology field. He gave another major as an idea an idea as to a major (money wise).  Twenty years later, with a college degree, I still have the desire to attend and to enhance my skills and knowledge within the field and to work and enterprise within the field. I have the opportunity and life circumstances more so now than ever to obtain a certificate in Cosmetology. With a Cosmetology Certificate I can work anywhere, in any state, it would be well worth it!  Thank you in advance for your support! 🙂

To donate just click on the following Go Fund Me link:  Help Me Attend Cosmetology School! 🙂

*All funds received would go directly towards the total (out-of-pocket) payment balance of $7,469.50 and any percentages/deductions associated with using the GoFundMe service.

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