Personal Finance – Financial Literacy Challenge

I have an avid interest in Personal Finance and have been and currently am seeking to get my own finances in order.

Financial Literacy Month is the month of April.

There’s no better time to start learning about personal finance and getting your personal finances in order than now! Let’s hold each other accountable with a challenge! I know accountable is such a touchy word for some people, if you have any ounce of integrity it means that you actually have to do what is being stated as the terms of accountability.

For this Personal Finance – Financial Literacy Challenge let’s commit to reading Personal Finance books during the month of March and making the necessary changes that we learn about, need to, and are able to do to get our finances in order.

I am currently reading a book entitled, Getting Your Financial Hou$e in Order A Floorplan for Managing Your Money by David and Debbie Bragonier with Kimn S. Gollnick. I checked it out of my local public library on 3/1/2018.

So far it is very enlightening and interesting. I may do a book review when I’m done reading it!

How will we keep each other accountable?

1. Comment on this blog post with the book that you are reading along with the date you checked it out.

2. When you’re done, give the areas where you made changes to your personal finance to bring your finances in order. If the material that you read in the books that you check out is the same material and you have already made changes in the areas, list something that would benefit others to know (i.e. opening an online bank account at an online bank vs. opening an bank account at a local or physical bank.)

3. Give a “brief summary” of the book.

That’s it! There are twenty eight days left in March. Let’s go!

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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