Missions: I Want To #GIVE to Help Send Girls To School Who Have Never Had A Chance To Go To School

I want to #give to help send girls to school who have never had a chance to go to school!
For the MONTH of AUGUST!
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All REVENUE that I receive from the sale of this tee shirt will go towards helping send girls to school who have never had a chance to go to school.
The schools are located in Haiti, Eswantini, Malawi, Somali Border, and Kenya Border.
The revenue that I receive will be donated to:
Master’s Touch Ministries Global Inc.
Dr. Patrica Bailey
Re:  To Send Girls To School
#GIVE #GIVER #Support #Share
Tee Shirt 
Women’s Classic Tee
Regular fit
100% Cotton
Sizes: S – 3XL
Print on demand. Ships directly from my production partner to you or the address that you designate for shipping! (If outside of the U.S.A., If shipping is available in the country designated).
Use Promo Code: SHIPFREE
Purchase here:
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Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

Today’s Confession©

I ask, it is given to me; I seek, I find; I knock, and it is opened to me.

(Matthew 7:7-8 KJV)

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

Today’s Inspirational Quote©

Dear Married Men,

It is therefore evident that you and I have nothing in common! Even friendship is off limits because I believe that a good found relationship/marriage is based off a good sound friendship!
The bible clearly states: He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing. So if you haven’t found the good in your wife, you definitely won’t fnd it in me or any other woman for that matter. Time to do some soul searching, (prayer is the key, faith unlocks the door) A husband and wife should compliment each other! It takes two, you both must work at it together! ‪#‎HappyWifeEqualsHappyLife‬

Ladies: Love yourself enough and don’t sell yourself short/cheap stating to his wife: “He came to me because you couldn’t/didn’t give him what he needs”! smh Come on ladies do you honestly believe that he will find it in you? Ijs‪#‎AbsolutelyNot‬

-Same goes for married woman-

I am wonderfully and beautifully made and coming with the whole package, and I most definitely need/deserve and gotta have the whole package! God is preparing him and me for greater!!! ‪#‎IBelieveIt‬ ‪#‎IReceiveIt‬ ‪#‎InGodsTimingOnly – Regina Lee

Until Next Time,


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