Fasting: A Solemn Assembly – The Firstfruits Of The Year 2020

This month is the month where Saints, Christians, Believers push back their plates and enter into a solemn assembly unto God.


A separation from the world.

A time of seeking the Lord, denying themselves, dedicating themselves to the Lord, hearing from the Lord, petitioning the Lord, etc.,

A firstfruits of the year.

Fast directives are different but the vital things are that it is of faith unto the Lord and that restriction and denying of oneself; the flesh is taking place.

Many fasts were called within the bible. It served a purpose. It was unto God.

Fasting unto God produces results. Spiritual, supernatural, and natural. It is a tool, a key, that God has given us to use and to operate within this world, against our flesh (who is also an enemy, and against the devil.

With the number of God’s people fasting during this time of the year, we shall see results! And it is so!

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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God Loves Me (You) Too Much©

In regards to the enemy’s plan, sometimes you have to remind yourself that:

“God loves me too much to let me go out like that!”© – BDW 🙂

The key focus being that “God loves me”. “He loves me too much”, ” to let me be destroyed with what the enemy desires. Not only that, I love Him too much to accept what the enemy desires.

Not for the enemy’s sake, but for your own encouragement! 🙂

God loves you too much to let you go out like that. He loves you and I so much that He created a plan for our lives. His thoughts toward you are good not evil.

Choose Jesus. Choose Life.
Trust Him. Believe Him.

(For clarity purposes, we tend to make or look at people as the enemy. The enemy is Satan and he does use people. But never lose sight of who the enemy really is.)

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Until Next Time,


The initial BDW stand for Bridget D. Webb. Please use the full name when quoting or using in a resource.

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