Two items that deliver Christmas essential style as well as show and share your love for Christmas:

Christmas Wreaths Cloth Face Mask

Christmas Wreaths
Christmas Wreaths

Candy Cane Cloth Face Mask

Candy Cane
Candy Cane


100% Polyester Exterior

100% Cotton Lining Interior

One size available. 3.5″h x 7″w laid flat. When the center is expanded it’s 7″ at the widest point.

Offers full nose and mouth coverage. Single sided print. Includes two 6 inch elastic ear loops. Non-medical grade product.

$1 from every mask sale donated to nonprofit to feed children in need.

Share your love for Christmas in essential style today,

Bridget Denise Webb

The Black Turtleneck

The black turtleneck is a classic piece of fashion that is timeless.

Not only is it classic, it is classy. In it’s simplest style and form it is eye catching, elegant, chic, classy and classic. It can be worn with anything, a skirt, pants, shorts, blazer, or suit coat, it is most stylish when it is worn by itself, with no accessories.


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It can be worn to the office, to school, to the university, to a meeting, to church, to court, it transcends time and places. Partly due to it’s color and style.

It can be worn with boots, sandals, heels, flats, flip-flops, tennis shoes, etc.,

It can be worn with long hair, short hair, no hair, but it is most classy when your hair is worn up off your face and the turtleneck.

It is effortless.

It adds to, complements, brings classiness, chic, and style to any person and any outfit.

If you don’t have “A Black Turtleneck” in your wardrobe, go get one now! You can start by clicking the image above.

Until Next Time,


Bridget Denise Webb

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Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

Fucshia Heel©

560 (2)

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

Early Days of BridgeKnits™ ©

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

BridgeKnits™ Scarf

New Picture (2)
BridgeKnits™ Scarf

These are a few scarves that I created in my early days of BridgeKnits™! Each item is 100% handmade.

Please check out BridgeKnits™ Photo Blog to view more of my creations! ♥


To contact me regarding BridgeKnits™, email me at

Until Next Time,

Bridget Denise Webb

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Mrs. Ella Pearl Webb©

My beautiful paternal grandmother who my other siblings and I, even my mother (when around us), and cousins,  called “Grandma”, Mrs. Ella Pearl Webb. 

Saved! She loved to sew! I can remember her patterns being out on the table when I was little, she also made me and my older sister dresses, baked rolls, cooked, loved to dress, classy in style, hats and all, and loved Doublemint & Spearmint gum! 

(That’s not all I remember about her.) 

It’s something how I can remember her food while writing this, how it looked, and some of the things she would make. 

Mothers and Grandmothers play an important role in their children and grandchildren’s lives.  #GrandMa 💜

Until Next Time, 


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